Factlink’s Fact Graph

Factlink’s original idea

“The goal of Factlink is to solve the problem of assigning credibility to sources. The traditional mental model of a few authoritative sources, such as investigative journalism and peer reviewed science, falls short in a world with billions of tweets and blogs. And, finding correct information simply based on text search and popularity does not seem to be a sustainable trend. Factlink tries to solve this fundamentally hard problem by assigning scores to strings of text annotated by its users.”


original: checkmark inside the text
now: icon in the margin

Voting on statements

Linking statements


Calculating credibility

c(“Generally agreed upon Factlink”) = <10000, 8, 13>
c(“Factlink with only few votes”) = <2, 1, 0>
c(“Factlink without any votes”) = <0, 0, 0>
c(“Highly controversial Factlink”) = <7839, 8009, 3041>
c(“Vague or unknown Factlink”) = <182, 119, 1205>

Similarly, c(F3 F1) = <0, min(t1-f1, t2-f2), 0>


User interface

Ndp sketch
Ndp design
Ndp popup
clarification popup when voting


Originally from factlink.com/blog/factlinks-fact-graph; moved here in November 2020.