JP Posma

Experienced programmer and entrepreneur with a broad range of interests. Coding and building since I was 10, and never stopped.

Current status:

Goals 1. make stuff 2. have fun.
Expert skills Rust, JS, C/C++, Python (and more; used 20+ languages in production), high-perf algorithms, architecture of interactive software, small team mgmt, processes/culture for high quality, rapid prototyping, WebAssembly, visualization, compilers, mentoring.
Solid skills Shaders/GPU, cloud/data architecture, constraint satisfaction, company founding (twice), product mgmt, open source, recruiting/hiring, fundraising, UI design, community mgmt, open competition design, public speaking.
Dabbled in Embedded systems, circuit design, computer vision, projector-camera systems, programming competitions (high school, college), teaching, security research, hardware engineering (CAD/CAM, mill, lathe, 3d printing, laser cutting, glass, welding).

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Vesuvius Challenge (project+tech lead)

Speedrunning an archeological breakthrough using machine learning, computer vision, and open competition. Hired by Nat Friedman to lead perhaps one of the most efficient deployments of research capital ever — converting 1.3MM into a breakthrough in non-invasive reading of the Herculaneum papyri, within a year. Owned the project end-to-end: designing the competition structure, ML evals, data releases, community management, web design, tutorials, animated explainers, adjudication, marketing, helping with particle accelerator scans, running a small labeling team, coding in JS, Python, C++.

Zaplib (cofounder / CTO)

Speeding up heavy web applications with Rust and WebAssembly. Incubated at Cruise (~10x speedup), managed team of 3 eng. Found a cofounder, started a company, raised from top devtools investors, and worked with several pilot customers. Rust, low-level JS, C/C++, shaders/GPU programming, custom threading, custom memory management, custom linking of native app against Chromium/V8. Invalidated business thesis, returned 100% of the investment.

Cruise (tech lead / L7)

Self-driving car company. Tech lead on robotics debugging tool Webviz (later spun off into a startup, Foxglove). Grew into the most widely used and highly rated internal tool. Low-level JS, C++, WebAssembly, shaders/GPU programming, high-throughput data architecture, extension APIs, strong quality controls (safety-critical adjacent). Led team of 8 engineers, coordinated with 10+ teams. Also cross-company hiring (“bar raiser”). Some work on behavior/manoeuver planning and vehicle platform software (C++, Python).

Remix (tech lead / eng mgr)

Urban planning software. Tech lead and engineering manager on the bus scheduling product, which I took from a prototype to production (15+ paying cities). JS, Python, Ruby, C++, constraint satisfaction algorithms (e.g. integer linear programming), realtime models, geodata pipeline, elastic cloud compute, external integrations, highly interactive UIs. Led technical team of 8-10.


Medical drones


Political discussion platform


Interactive courses


Web annotation and factchecking

Wikimedia Foundation



Concert and sports tickets


Big multitouch tables


Cofounded; CMSes and tooling for SEO


Language learning tool

JPP Solutions

Webapp consulting in high school and college

MSc in Computer Science, Oxford

Thesis project: programming course aimed at making the first two hours of learning programming as incredible as possible. Coursework include multithreaded database design (C++), logic programming, machine learning, and computational linguistics. Got a scholarship. Did some programming competitions. C++ and JS.

BSc in Computer Science (cum laude), Groningen

Thesis project: better editing UI for Wikipedia (9.5/10 grade). Coursework in algorithms, computer graphics, engineering management (led student team for IKEA), AI/ML, signal processing, compilers, correctness proofs, etc. Minor in math: group theory, cryptography, complex analysis, numeric methods. Some programming competitions (won gold in one). TA’ed math and CS courses. Java and C++. Some Matlab and Magma.

WLG school, Groningen

Secondary education / high school. Programming and circuit design on the side. Final project: custom designed circuit board and software for rendering images inside a bike wheel, using the “persistence of vision” effect. Maintained the school website. Contracted for various companies on the side. Built a language learning tool. Competed in robotics competitions (and won once). Competed in national informatics olympiad. Taught electronics and programming to kids at local youth centers. C (PIC microcontroller), C++, PHP, and Visual Basic.
I’ve written production code in 21 languages, been programming for 22 years, and once used 25 wine glasses in a project for MTV.